Street and Beach Cleansing

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Southend drone shot

Providing and promoting a cleaner Southend

We strive to provide and promote a clean and tidy place to live for the residents and a pleasant experience for day visitors to Southend-on-Sea.  

Southend-on-Sea’s streets and beaches are cleaned under set schedules, and this includes emptying of all litter and dog bins, removal of all litter, dirt, dust, leaves on the roads and paths, as well as clearing fly tips and keeping areas free of weeds.  We clear graffiti and flyposting too.

The machines that sweep your streets send the sweepings they collect to a Veolia facility that treats the sweepings to recover as much as possible from it to recycle.  For example, stones will be washed and sent to be used in road building.  Any leaves will be washed and composted.  Where we find damaged litter bins, we will replace them with dual litter and recycling bins wherever viable to enable the public to recycle as much of their litter as possible.


We also recognise that the beachfront is an integral part of Southend-on-Sea and therefore keeping it clean and tidy is very important.  Veolia has sourced machines designed especially for this type of work.  This machine can clear up to five acres of beach per hour!

Find out more here on the council website.